Administrative Law

Administrative Law

admin law

Administrative decisions can be challenged by individuals, organisations, and businesses by filing a recourse to the Administrative Court of Cyprus within 75 days from the date that decision or act was published in the Official Gazette or came to the knowledge of the Applicant.

The Administrative Court of Cyprus has jurisdiction to adjudicate on recourses filed against a public body’s act, decision, or omission on the ground that it infringes the Constitution and the Law (Cyprus and EU law, or the European Convention on Human Rights), or if the public body has acted “ultra vires” (beyond its powers).

Tsitsios & Associates LLC undertakes the filing of recourses before the Administrative Court of Cyprus under Article 146 of the Constitution of Cyprus. We also advise or provide legal opinions to public bodies or corporate or individual clients on the interpretation and application of laws and their constitutionality.

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